Freqently Asked Questions & Policies

The company VDK Transport who are they?

VDK Transport are an established professional Refrigerated Courier Company.
We are based in Hampshire close to all major roads (within 15 minutes of the M3 and M4)
We offer all our customers a fast safe reliable refrigerated courier service up to 4 pallets.
We can set up a regular delivery or just for a one off urgent unforeseen emergency.
We will collect and deliver your item as described within the time limits given to us by you.
Company No. 07350124.

Can you transport temperature sensitive goods?

Yes, we offer refrigerated transport vehicles.
Our temperature controlled units are regular serviced, ensuring our customers can be confident that their goods will be transported in a safe and professional manner.

How can I place an order for a parcel delivery?

This cant be simpler, you can either call us on 0755 788 3086, email us on or use our booking form here. (hyperlink to cost Calculator)

I need my products delivered today, can you help?

Yes, VDK Transport is providing same day refrigerated courier services throughout London and the rest of the UK.

Our firm provides a benchmark for the industry in terms of reliability, swiftness and value for money. So if you need a parcel delivered urgently then we are the company to trust to get your products delivered on the same day.

How much notice do I need to give to make a booking?

We accept orders up to 6pm for next day collection.
Same day orders can be placed at any time but are dependent upon vehicle availability.

What temperature monitoring do you do?

All our vehicles and storage facilities are installed with equipment to continuously measure and record chamber temperatures during operation with alarm notifications in the event of temperature deviation.

What payment methods do you accept?

Account customers are invoiced on standard 30 day terms.
Non-account customers can pay online by credit or debit card.

Can you do chilled and frozen deliveries?

Yes, we can transport goods within your required temperature range, typically up to -18°C for frozen, 0°C to 5°C for chilled and +2°C to +10°C for temperate.

Are all of your vehicles refrigerated?

Yes, our entire fleet of vans are equipped for the transportation of refrigerated goods and can operate with multi temperature chambers, both frozen and chilled.

Do you do morning deliveries?

Yes, VDK Transport offers a 24 hour service and will collect and deliver in the time window you request, including morning deliveries.

Typically time constraints will be factored into the price you pay, but this is subject to your exact requirements including the delivery location and volume.

Do you do same day deliveries?

Yes, these are subject to vehicle availability on the day depending on your time and location requirements.

Will our data remain private?

Please note that VDK Transport will not divulge your contact and order details to any other 3rd party.

Please contact Our Logistics Team for any further questions.